Final project

Idea: Due Thursday, April 13th Project: Due Thursday, April 27th

The goals for this project are:

  • Explore a graphics project of interest to you

  • Expand on skills and knowledge learned during the semester

  • Create a portfolio project

1. Requirements

  • Your project should create a piece of software, such as a demo, tool, or game

  • Your project should relate to modeling, rendering, or animation

  • Your project must have unique aspects and should not directly copy the code of an existing project or tutorial

Your final grade will be based on

  • Git reports, README and presentation

  • Whether your demo builds and runs out-of-the-box

  • Demonstrated effort and creativity

2. Milestones

  • Project idea: Due April 13th (Informally, email or slack your idea and github URL to the instructor.)

  • Project proposal report/presentation: Due May 6th.

  • Final project presentations: Due May 19th.

  • Final project submission: Due May 20th

3. Project Idea

Due April 13th

Email or slack your idea and title to along with the github URL for your project.

Your project idea should include:

  • Project title/idea

  • Github repository for your project

  • How will this project be unique from existing demos?

  • Identify the features you plan to implement and a timeline for completing them

    • Sort your features into minimum required, good-to-have and stretch

  • Provide references for the algorithms, data structures and/or background math you plan to implement

4. Project

Due April 27th

Your complete project should consist of:

  • Implementation

  • Documentation

  • Presentation (10 minutes)

4.1. Implementation

Due April 27th

All code and results should be included in your github repository for this project. You should submit:

  • Your code. Make sure your code is checked into github

  • Any dependencies needed to run

  • At least one or more images or videos created using your software

4.2. Documentation

Due April 27th

All documentation should be in your on Github and should include

  • A writeup describing the algorithms, data structures, and math behind your project

  • Instructions for how to build and run your project. We should be able to reproduce your results

  • Summary of results

4.3. Presentation

Due April 27th

  • 10 minutes

  • Should summarize the project idea and describe the underlying algorithms, data structures, and underlying math needed for your project.

  • Should summarize the project idea and show your results

  • During lecture/lab on Thursday April 27th

5. Project Ideas

Try to think of a project that is similar in scope to an assignment. You will only have a few weeks to work on it! If you implement an effect or shader, be sure to include it in an interactive demo or scene. Below are some ideas

The following references might also help you come up with ideas


  • GPU Gems

  • Shader X

  • shadertoy

  • OpenGL 4.0 cookbook