Assignment 0: Hello CS313!

Due Thursday, January 19, before midnight

The goals for this assignment are:

  • Sign-up for github

  • Join slack

  • Look at the website!

  • (Optional) Setup your graphics development environment

1. Sign-up for github

Please go to and register. We will use github for assignments and projects this semester. Email the instructor (anormoyle at with your github username.

We have made the decision to open-source our assignments and projects for this class. The benefit of this decision is that you will have a portfolio of work that you can share with employers by the end of the semester.

One question people often have about open source is whether it will encourage cheating. At Bryn Mawr and Haverford, we have an honor code and incidences of cheating will be brought before the honor board. Note also that copied work will be in plain sight of everyone, including recruiters and employers. You need to be able to talk about your work intelligently and the easiest way to do that is to do your own work.

You will discover that there are many open-source resources for graphics online. Some of it is boiler plate and intended to be re-used. In general, if you use someone else’s functions, classes, math implementations, or algorithms, you must attribute them!

2. Join slack

I will be inviting you all to join the course slack channel. In the #computer-graphics channel, say and introduce yourself:

  • What is your preferred name and pronouns?

  • Post an image created with computer graphics with a brief sentence about it.

3. Read the class web pages

Start by reading through all of the class webpage! Bookmark this page on your browser, or use some other method that helps you keep this information handy. All course materials and announcements will be posted on the course webpage!

Pay special attention to the Schedule.

4. (Optional) Setup your development environment on your own laptop

The computer labs will be setup for graphics (both on Windows and Linux). However, if you would like to work on your own laptop, following the instructions here:

The above repository includes detailed instructions for setting up either windows, linux, or mac.

5. (Optional) Setup graphics tools on your own laptop

In class, I will be using Blender, Inkscape, and Gimp:

  • Blender: A 3D modeling tool with photorealistic rendering features. Blender can be used to view and create 3D models. We will use this in class demos and you may find it useful (and fun) to use yourself.

  • Gimp: An open source image program, similar to Photoshop. Gimp can be used to view and edit images, including textures.

  • Inkscape: An open source vector image program.

Here is a great tutorial for learning Blender: